Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Rise of the Two Dimensional Parent

The following article by Dr. Ron Taffel, a past GPS speaker and author of "Breaking Through to Teens" was based on information supplied by the Glenbard Students for Students Club. Learn about  the needs of 21st century teens, the importance of secure parental attachment, and how to best achieve it.  From Dr. Taffel: 

"While the article is about children and teens, it begins with a brief status summary of kids' mental health, about which there is reason for concern.  I then identify 21st century pressures adults face as we try to effectively raise, teach and work with children from the earliest years on.  The goal is to challenge ourselves as professionals and parents to become more courageous, authoritative and loving with our kids.  As I describe in the article there are many ways this "three-dimensional presence," as I call it, is undermined in our culture.  Seeing how this happens, as well as learning some solutions, will hopefully lead to greater dialogue about what is increasingly needed by 21st century children of all ages."


Are Therapists Seeing a New Kind of Attachment?

By Ron Taffel