Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Author Rebecca Skloot speaks at Glenbard Family Read

A packed Glenbard West auditorium of students, parents and staff from throughout the area had the pleasure of hearing insight and inspiration from Rebecca Skloot author of The  Immortal Life of Henrieta  Lacks last  week.  

Parent, librarian share GPS takeaways

Glenbard South Librarian
Diane Mankowski 

On Aug. 25, the Glenbard Parent Series hosted author Rebecca Skloot in a presentation based on her award-winning book and Glenbard Family Read “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.” Glenbard South Librarian Diane Mankowski shared the following takeaway: “Rebecca Skloot inspired students to be curious, ask questions of experts and when writing to "show" the story by sharing details without judgment. Always be aware of the "what!?", and then follow through to get the answer. For those of us who work with young people she reminded us that you never know how the things you say will impact others.”

Glenbard South parent Jennifer Bair 
and her daughter Sophie

Glenbard South parent Jennifer Bair said, “We loved hearing the background and updates on this amazing story and hearing about Skloot's relationship with the Lacks family. It was interesting to hear about how her awareness of their experience changed her for the better. The author's journey from a troubled start in high school to finding her path as a science writer was fascinating, inspiring and helpful.”


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