Saturday, February 16, 2019

A Day with Katherine Reynolds Lewis

On February 12 the Glenbard Parent Series hosted a day with investigative journalist Katherine Reynolds Lewis author of the Good News About Bad Behavior : Why Kids Are Less Disciplined Than Ever-And What To Do About It.


After observing the behavior of children early in her parenting years, educator and journalist Katherine Reynolds Lewis went on a research path of her own to discover if anything has changed since “the good old days” when parents could rely on some degree of obedience and regulation of behavior. Indeed, the terrain has changed. According to statistics, 50% of children today have a mood, behavior, or substance use disorder by the time they graduate high school, resulting in what Reynolds Lewis calls a “self-regulation crisis.” Our job as parents and guardians is to help kids learn self-regulation skills through the “3 Cs: Connection, Communication, and Capability-building. In her book entitled, The Good News about Bad Behavior,” Reynolds Lewis drills down into each of these 3 Cs to give parents and educators tangible and proven practices for helping kids function effectively and independently.

Katherine Reynolds Lewis (seated)
with Kelly Hane, D41 parent
District 41 parent Kelly Hane attended the program, Why Won't Young Kids Do What You Want? and shared this takeaway:

With a change in the times we need a new strategy for discipline. The goal is to build our children's coping skills and self-regulation skills which happens through Connection (touch, play, family meetings), Communication (empathy) and Capacity. Model and verbalize your own coping skills(deep breathing, etc.). In the heat of  battle it is important to keep our own emotions in check . Make consequences related to the child’s action, reasonable in scope, that are revealed in advance, and respectful.  We want them to learn from their mistakes-the consequences are more serious as our children age.  Connect first before you correct-lead with the positive!

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Monday, February 11, 2019

Beyond the Blues: Understanding Youth Depression with Jason Washburn

On Friday, February 8, 2019 the Glenbard Parent Series hosted Jason Washburn at a presentation titled Beyond the Blues: Understanding Youth Depression.

Jason Washburn and
Carmen Teague
Glenbard South social worker Carmen Teague shared the following takeaway:

“Rates of depression are on the rise, and it is important for parents to be observant and aware of the signs of clinical depression opposed to the normal mood swings that every teen-ager experiences. Depression presents itself differently in adolescents. Persistent irritability, hopelessness, excessive worry, fatigue, loss of interests and loss of pleasure are all signs that may be cause to seek outside help. Look for a change from usual behaviors. Teen depression isn't a weakness. Intervene as soon as possible because even one episode of debilitating depression in childhood or teen years greatly increases recurrence in adulthood as well as manifestation of physical ailments. Dr. Washburn also shared information on self-harm and suicide, both concerns worthy of our attention in today’s culture. Help is available.”