Thursday, September 14, 2017

Take aways and resources from our event "A Day with Dr. Deborah Gilboa MD" on September 13

Police representative appreciates GPS program

Dr. Gilboa (left) with Tanya Macko
At noon yesterday, the Glenbard Parent Series hosted Deborah Gilboa, MD ("Dr. G") at a presentation called Get the Behavior You Want Without Being the Parent You Hate: Raising Respectful, Resilient and Responsible Kids. Tanya Macko, community outreach specialist with the Glendale Heights Police Department, shared this takeaway: "If you want to change your child's behavior, you need to change your reaction. Pick one behavior and be consistent in reinforcing it. And try to make your no's into something more positive, so that you are not constantly just saying no."

Parent likes message about balanced approach to parenting balance

Anita Gaikis

Last night, the Glenbard Parent Series hosted Deborah Gilboa MD in a program called Start the Year Off Right: Raising, Responsible and Resilient Teens. Glenbard South parent Anita Gaikis shared this takeaway: "Today's focus on resume building undermines character development, autonomy and may leave our kids frozen when faced with adversity. We need a balanced approach to parenting that encourages kids to try new things, take measured risks and navigate/problem solve on their own - all in the hopes of letting them learn from challenging experiences to develop the confidence that is a major factor in adult contentment. Show empathy, show them that we have faith in them, but let your children know they are capable of fixing problems themselves - empathy without intervention.  Parents need to step back so our children can step up."

GPS message for parents of young children resonates

Deb Gilboa (left) and Erin White
At the early program on September 13, the Glenbard Parent Series hosted Deborah Gilboa MD in a program called Raising, Resilient Young Children. Erin White, senior director of youth development at the BR Ryall YMCA of DuPage County, shared this takeaway: "Our job as parents is to allow our children new opportunities to grow and make mistakes so they can build resilience. Resilience is holding two emotions at once; angry and sad, happy and sad, etc. And as problems arise, do seek help with counseling. If we reduce the stigma now, they will be more likely to seek help at college and beyond.


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