Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Glenbard Parent Series hosted Kevin Sabet PhD: "The Myths of Marijuana"

The Glenbard Parent Series hosted Kevin Sabet PhD at a presentation on Thursday, Sept. 28 entitled The Myths of Marijuana.

Parent appreciates scientific data re: marijuana

Ann Marie Andexler
Glenbard South parent, Ann Marie Andexler shared this takeaway: Dr. Sabet brought a scientific perspective to the marijuana dilemma that our country faces today. He educates his audience with truths to counter the falsehoods and manipulation (as in big tobacco) linked to the legalization and commercialization of marijuana.

Examining virtually every scientific review, marijuana is dangerous to the adolescent brain and today's marijuana is more potent than ever -with increased THC.  It can be addictive, impact motivation, may lower IQ and interferes with judgement and well being. In Colorado and Washington costs of legalization outweigh revenue.   More high school seniors are using pot now than a decade ago, even as the use of cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs have declined.

Resources (click on text)

Drug Policy…and My Journey Into The Arena by Kevin Sabet

Myths of Marijuana, Is Marijuana the New Big Tobacco? 

Web site for Kevin A. Sabet: Clear thinking about drug policy

Web site for SAM here (Smart Approaches to Marijuana)

Marijuana: Past, Present, Future by Aaron Weiner, PhD