Monday, May 11, 2015

Parents inspired by two Dr. Silverman presentations on May 7 

Parent shares takeaway from morning presentation on "Helping Girls Thrive"

During a Glenbard Parent Series program the afternoon of May 7, Robyn Silverman presented Helping Girls Thrive: Developing Their Confidence, Goals and Leadership.

Mary Ellen Young, director of Helping Girls Navigate Adolescence, shared this takeaway:

Mary Ellen and Nora Young with Robyn Silverman
"Dr. Robyn Silverman is an amazing speaker. She reminded me as a mother to watch my own words and actions. I loved the suggestion to create a "fat talk free zone" in my home, and I will share that desire with others who are guests in my home. I will stretch the definition of beautiful. I will help my child discover their strengths and I will point to examples of those strengths. I will show my daughters whatever their size to trust their power to accomplish great things. I will be available as a mentor, not when it's convenient, but when she needs me. And if I'm not the best mentor I will find someone who is."

Parent appreciate strategies shared from evening's Helping Teens Thrive

North parent Micki Dobrowski shared the following takeaway from the evening of May 7 Glenbard Parent Series program with Robyn Silverman, Thriving Under Pressure: How to Help Youth Set Goals, Discover Their Strengths, and the Strategies for Motivation, and Good Health:
Robyn Silverman (left) and Micki Dobrowski

"This was a great GPS.  Dr. Silverman provided me with many techniques I will be able to put to use immediately. I especially liked the tools to empowerment: strength recognition, strength finding, vision, challenging and championing/character connecting.

The other piece that I will take away from tonight's presentation is "I am ... Name it, Claim it and Control it." 

I learned it's OK to go back and admit past mistakes. These will be some of the strategies that I will use to move forward for my daughter and myself.  This talk has allowed me to see "around the corner" and I now feel I have the tools to empower my daughter to set goals and discover her strengths."