Saturday, December 15, 2018

Todd Fink speaks to GPS on the power of Mindfulness

On Dec. 11 the Glenbard Parent Series hosted Behavioral health associate at Linden Oaks, Michael Todd Fink in a program titled “Inner Calm: The Science of Mindfulness”.
Parent Any Mulcare with
Todd Fink

Glenbard West parent Amy Mulcare shared the following takeaway.

Mindfulness is a skill that involves paying attention, living with intention, without judging, grounding-tuning in to the present moment. A few minutes each day, can rewire the brain to positivity and be effective in reducing stress. Being conscious of positive experiences and keeping a gratitude journal can lead to better health and happiness


YouTube of this event:  Generation Worry by Todd Fink HERE

Summary of this event HERE (pdf)

Website for Todd Fink:   (podcast, articles, videos)

Handout: What is mindfulness? (HERE)