Friday, May 8, 2015

GPS takeaway: learn about damage steroids cause Dick Butkus: I Play Clean Initiative

Mary Ann Aubrey
Glenbard West parent Mary Ann Aubrey and her family attended the Glenbard Parent Series event with Dick Butkus on May 4. She shares the following takeaway:

 "What a thrill to hear Dick Butkus Monday night at GPS. I learned that steroid use happens at all levels and that coaches, parents and players need to learn about the damage they cause to the athlete's physical and mental health. I was also reminded that there are consequences to the teen developing brain, with the use of many legal and illegal drugs, and again as parents we need to be educated. Our athletes need to get strong through exercise and not through the use of performance enhancing drugs - play it clean.

It was great to hear Dick's stories and enjoy his sense of humor. He talked about the changes in the game of football and his days at the U. of I., rooming with Glenbard West's original Hitter, Bruce Capel, on the Illini's 1964 Rose Bowl winning team. It was a very special event."

Glenbard West alumnus Mike Hall with Dick Butkus