Thursday, October 9, 2014

Next GPS event, Amanda Ripley - an Editor's Choice

Check out the PEC Calendar for programming of interest to parent throughout Chicago. 

"The Parent Education Consortium of the North Shore (PEC) is a centralized source of information on parent resources and programs that promote stronger schools, family and community life in the Chicago area. PEC is comprised of representatives from the community and parent/teacher organizations who offer programming on parenting topics through joint planning and shared resources. The Calendar of educational programs for parents and educators is compiled from submissions provided by the sponsoring organizations."

The PEC website,, is a relational database -- you can search by date, speaker, topic, venue, etc.

PEC'S Editor's Choice:

"Those of you who eagerly read Amanda Ripley's bestseller The Smartest Kids in the World now have a chance to hear her at Glenbard East High School  in Lombard on Oct. 14 at 7pm. "
(Our next GPS event)