Monday, May 15, 2017

GPS presented screening of the documentary "Screeenagers" on May 3 2017

The Glenbard Parent Series presented a screening of the documentary "Screenagers," followed by a discussion with physician Delaney Ruston the film's author/producer/director. Glenbard West parent MJ Buendia-Kuntz attended the program on May 3 and shared the following takeaway:

Delaney Ruston and MJ Buendia-Kuntz
"The film "Screenagers" essentially outlined the tech struggles our family encounters on a near-daily basis and it was an eye-opener to learn the physiological and mental side effects that were outlined in the film. Dr. Ruston recommended to choose one thing to work on; for example, family time is no screen time. Include your child inthe discussion of setting limits around technology. Kids need to be heard and feel things will be fair. Embrace the technology in a way that opens communication about its usage. Model good habits. Good sleep is critical, so no screens in the bedroom. I will certainly be reviewing her site for additional resources and ways to implement and improve our tech use, not only for our kids but for my husband and myself."


Screenagers Movie web site (with resource tab)
Screenagers Educator Guide

Sunday, May 14, 2017

What's all the buzz about Netflix "13 Reasons Why"? Check out these resources.

The following are resources that will assist teens, parents and caregivers who have watched or are considering watching the Netflix series "13 Reasons Why".  This information may prove helpful in processing the powerful, graphic and polarizing messages from the series in a safe and healthy manner. It is recommended for parents to view the series with their children if possible and have an ongoing conversation about the serious issues raised in the series.

National Association of School Psychologists
"13 Reasons Why" Netflix Series: Considerations for Educators here

13 Reasons Why: Talking Points for Viewing and Discussing the Netflix Series
JED and SAVE developed talking points to assist parents, teachers, and other gatekeepers in talking to youth about suicide as it relates to the situational drama that unfolds in 13RY. here

Washington Post article, May 2, 2017
Educators and school psychologists raise alarms about '13 Reasons Why' here

Wisconsin Public Radio/NPR - Joy Cardin Show.  April 25, 2017
'13 Reasons Why' Gets Mixed Reviews From Suicide Prevention Leaders here

Amita Health Behavioral Medicine Institute, May 10, 2017
Popular TV Series Puts Spotlight on Suicide - Are Kids Prepared for What They’re Seeing?  here

Preview of GPS 2017-2018 schedule

Back to School Athlete Night
August 14 and 15, 2017

Monday, August 14 Doug Petit:  One Father's Story
6:00 pm - Glenbard North

Monday, August 14 Levar Fisher: Peak Performance: Playing With Dignity and Grace
6:00pm – Glenbard East

Tuesday, August 15 Dr. Greg Dale: Excellence in Sports Performance: Establishing a Winning Culture
6:00pm - Glenbard South
6:30pm - Glenbard West

Wednesday, August 23 Sonia Nazario, MA: “Enrique's Journey: The True Story of a Boy Determined to be Reunited with His Mother"
GPS Community Read
Students are encouraged to read the Young Adult version of this book.
7:00pm – Glenbard East

Wednesday, September 13 A Day with Deborah Gilboa, MD:  Ask Dr. G

How to Teach Resilience to Young Children
^9:30am – Marquardt Administration Center

Get the Behavior You Want … Without Being the
Parent You Hate
12:00pm – Marquardt Administration Center

Health Expo 6:15pm – Glenbard West
Start the Year Off Right: Raising Responsible, Resilient and Successful Teens
7:00pm – Glenbard West

Thursday, September 21 Jacy Good:  Hang Up and Drive:
The Jacy Good Story
7:00 pm - Glenbard North

Saturday, September 23 Frank Palmasami:  Conquering the
Challenges of College Costs
10:30am Glenbard West

Tuesday, October 3 Dr. M. Joann Wright: Linden Oaks Behavioral Health
Dousing the Flame: Extinguishing Challenging Behaviors and Anxiety
12:00pm – CCSD 93 Administrative Center

Monday, October 9   *Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman:
Intelligence and Creativity Re-examined: The
Many Paths to Greatness
7:00pm – Glenbard South (pre-meeting Columbus Day Dinner at 6:30pm)

Saturday, October 14 Effie Rouse, College Board Director
The College Admission Test: Tips to Prepare for the New SAT and FAFSA Completion Assistance
 10:30am - Glenbard East

Monday, October 16 Ryan Goble, M.Ed and Dr. Pam Goble:
Study Smart: New Ways to Enhance Learning through Media and Technology/Study Tips and FASFA Completion Assistance
7:00pm Glenbard North

Wednesday, November 1 Liz Repking, Linda Lewaniak LCSW and Teen Panel:
Straight from the Source: Teens Talk Social Media Now
7:00pm – Glenbard South

Tuesday, November 14 Jessica Lahey, JD:
The Gift of Failure: How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Their Children Can Succeed
7:00pm – Glenbard West

Wednesday, November 15 Jessica Lahey, JD:
The Gift of Failure; Fostering Intrinsic Motivation and Resilience in Kids
12:00pm – Marquardt Administrative Center

Thursday, November 30 Dr. Brenda Nelson: Mindfulness and Social Emotional Learning: An Approach for Sailing the Rough Seas of Adolescence
12:00pm CCSD93 Administration Center

Wednesday, December 6  Jessica Minahan, M.Ed: Children Who Challenge Us: Effective Behavior Management at Home
7:00pm – Glenbard North

Tuesday, January 16 Jodi Norgaard: Founder of Dream Big Toy Company
Moving Beyond Stereotypes: Empowering Girls and Boys to Develop their Unique Talents.
12:00pm – Marquardt Administrative Center

Wednesday, January 31 *Shimi Kang MD: The Myth of Normal: Understanding Anxiety, Depression and Addiction
12:00pm– Marquardt Administrative Center

Wednesday, January 31 *Shimi Kang  MD: The Dolphin Way: Raising Happy, Healthy, and Self Motivated Children
7:00pm – College of DuPage McAninch Arts Center

Wednesday, February 7 Dr. Mark Reinecke: Taking Care of Ourselves: Lessons for Managing Stress and Worry - Northwestern Medicine
12:00pm – CCSD93 Administration Center

Wednesday, February 21 Chris Herren: Unguarded - My Message to Parents
a Conversation with NBA Star Chris Herren
A community conversation will follow this program.
7:00pm – Glenbard East

Thursday, March 1 *Dr. Ruha Benjamin:  Using Science for Good:
Innovation, Inequality, and Imagination in the 21st Century
7:00pm – Glenbard South

Thursday, March 8 A Day with Dr. Laura Kastner
^Getting to Calm: Cool Headed Strategies for Raising Independent 3-7 Year Olds
9:30am – Marquardt Administration Center

Getting to Calm: Cool Headed Strategies for Parenting Tweens and Teens
12:00pm – Marquardt Administration Center

Calm Parenting for Tough Teen Topics: Healthy Relationships, Substance Use, Media Management and Worry
A community conversation will follow this program.
7:00pm – Glenbard West

Tuesday, April 10 Journalist Christine VanDeVelde and Robin Mamlet, former Stanford University Director of Admissions: From Application to Acceptance Step by Step – The College Admission Process
7:00pm – College of DuPage McAninch Arts Center

Tuesday, April 24 *Dr. Eugenia Cheng: Concert Pianist/Scientist in Residence at the Art Institute Chicago: Logically Speaking Math, Music and the Mind
7:00pm – Glenbard South

Tuesday, May 1 Dr. Lisa Damour
The Essential Guide to Navigating Adolescence: The Seven Stages to Adulthood for Girls and Boys
12:00pm – Marquardt Administration Center

Dr. Lisa D'Amour:  The Essential Guide to Navigating Adolescence: The Seven Stages to Adulthood for Girls and Boys
7:00pm – Glenbard West

* Thought Innovator

^These programs are directed at parents of younger students. 

FUSE Families United for Student Excellence - for parents of African American Children

Saturday, September 16 Tony Cicero: Goals Today/Success Tomorrow and Academic Recognition Program
11:30am Glenbard North

Thursday December 7   Dr. Raquel Wilson & a Distinguished Panel
Find Your Future at College Night
6:00pm – Marquardt Administration Center

Saturday March 17 Ray McElroy: The Secrets to High School Victory
And Leadership Recognition Ceremony
11:30am – Glenbard South

Wednesday, August 23 Julián Lazalde, Latino Policy Forum:
Navigating the American Educational System: An Update and the Challenge and Back to School Picnic
6:00pm – Glenbard East Cafeteria

Saturday, September 23 Ercilia Jonas: Conquering the Challenges of College Costs
10:30am to noon Glenbard West

Saturday, October 14 Ercilia Jonas: The College Admission Process and FAFSA Completion Assistance
10:30am - Glenbard East

Friday, November 3 Dr. Lourdes Ferrer: Parents in the Driver’s Seat Academy
7:00pm – Glenbard East

Thursday, January 25 Marian Proske, MA: From Use to Abuse: What Parents Need to Know
7:00pm – Glenbard East

Friday, February 2 Dr. Lourdes Ferrer: Parents in the Driver’s Seat Academy
7:00 pm – Glenbard East

Saturday, February 3    Dr. Lourdes Ferrer: Grooming for Excellence Academy and SAT Math Review for Students (English)
11:00-2:30 – Glenbard East

Saturday, April 21           Dr. Ferney Ramirez: 10 Keys to School Success
11:30am – Glenbard East

Childcare will be provided.
Translation headsets are available for all GPS programing upon request.