Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Expert Panel discusses Tough Teen Topics on March 22 GPS event

On March 22 at Glenbard South, panels addressed Tough Teen Topics: Social Media Safety & Anxiety, Parties and Depression.  

Digital safety for teens panelists included  Robert Berlin – Dupage County States Attorney, DuPage County Under Sheriff Frank Bibbiano, and Detective Rich Wistocki – Naperville Police Department and TeenSafe.

The panel discussing Anxiety, Parties and Depression included Judge Christopher Stride, Patrick McGrath PhD, Justin Wolfe LCPC, CADC, CRC and Linda Lewaniak LCSW CAADC.

Glenbard East parent Mary Rose Crimmins shares her take away:

"Talk to your teens about alcohol and drugs and the dangers they pose whether they are at a party where there is alcohol, or about to get in a car with a friend who has been drinking. Leave the party. Do NOT get in the car! Choose your friends wisely.

As a parent, you will be liable if you knowingly allow teenage/underage drinking at your home and someone gets hurt or killed as a result. It is a felony. Get to know the parents of your teenager's friends. Be sure you can trust that your child will be safe in their house where there will be no underage drinking.

Another topic that was discussed was depression. Depression can happen to anyone. A teen can have a lot of involvement in school, be high functioning and social but become isolated, lack drive and might self injure to punish oneself. Also, depression, anxiety and teen pressures can sometimes lead to alcohol and drug abuse. Spend dinner time with your teens, listen to them, don't judge, and be there for them if they need help."

To view the video of this event "Tough Teen Topics", please click HERE

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