Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Audience members share takeaways from
 three GPS presentations

Glenbard Parent Series (GPS) speaker Michael Thompson (above) gave three fantastic presentations yesterday. His presentations were very well received by parents, educators and community leaders.

Kristen Daniels, director development & social responsibility at B.R. Ryall YMCA of Northwestern DuPage County, attended Thompson's noon presentation regarding "The Pressured Student: Adolescence is Hard Work." "I heard Dr. Thompson emphasize that children crave meaningful relationships and the desire to be useful.  This calls perfect attention to the social responsibility side of our mission," Daniels said. "I look forward to partnering with all the other resources/individuals who were in the room today to help provide volunteer opportunities, mentoring and engagement to those students.  We want to help fuel that "out of the classroom" education that builds confident, well-rounded and successful kids.  And if we help achieve those goals, we might be building our own pipeline of future employees one day.  Dr. Thompson's description of a great kid would also make for a great colleague."


"I enjoyed Dr. Thompson's perspective - that education is a lifelong process," said Dr. Jim Shannon, pastor at Peoples Community Church.


After attending "Coming to Grips with Girl Overachievement and (Relative) Boy Underachievement" presentation, West English department chairman Ben Peterselli said, "I enjoyed this thoughtful and engaging conversation about the myriad possibilities that may account for gender differences in achievement. We explored the divergent expectations and messages sent by parents and schools, as well as the differing ways that adolescent boys and girls accept motivation and view their futures. I left thinking about the expectations I've set for my children (sons and daughter) and my students (boys and girls) concerning their achievement and success."


Glenbard West parent Diane Sakach attended "How to Raise Responsible and ConfidentTeens" last night. "Every style of parenting creates its own dynamic yet the overriding goal is to develop responsible children, those who can meet the moral demands of life," Sakach said. "Focus on the big things like integrity, empathy and self-discipline by creating a consistent framework and by role modeling.  Strive to know,accept and love your child's individuality because the will to be oneself is part of their transition to adulthood."


Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Message to the Depressed.

The Most Powerful Description Of Depression I’ve Ever Heard! 
 the  Emmy Gaffey Memorial Foundation 

The Glenbard Parent Series is grateful to the  Emmy Gaffey Memorial Foundation for becoming an annual sponsor of GPS this year  Please note the attached youtube for an excellent description of depression.  Also  note the beautiful Emmy bracelets  to build awareness and support.  Funds will benefit  the Glenbard Parent Series and CARES

"The Most Powerful Description Of Depression I’ve Ever Heard! Not only does Sky Williams brilliantly captures a perfect definition of depression, he also gives brilliant advice to anyone suffering from depression and their ‘Buddy’. Keep one bracelet and give one to a friend you think needs a little love and hope. 100% of donation goes to NAMI or CARES/Glenbard Parent Series. Just tell me which you’d prefer.  The green crystal symbolizes hope, and the white fresh water pearl symbolizes peace and clarity ."