Thursday, September 3, 2015

Dr. Laurence Steinberg on Teen Behavior

Dr Laurence Steinberg joins us for two GPS events in January. He frowarded this article "The Terrible Teens: Whats Wrong With Them" published in this month's New Yorker magazine.

In adolescence, the brain is wired to experience pleasure more intensely than before or after. Credit Illustration by Édith Carron

Mark your calendar for the GPS events with Dr. Laurence Steinberg:

Tuesday January 26, 2016 
“Age of Opportunity: The New Science of Adolescence”
Myth-shattering, research-based information on the capacity of the teenage brain
7:00pm College of DuPage McAninch Arts Center

Wednesday, January 27, 2016
The Essential Guide to Adolescence ages 10-25: Teen Behavior Explained
12:00PM-2:30PM CCSD District 93 Administration Center

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Carlotta Walls LaNier

Parents and Students Share Takeaways from GPS event "A Mighty Long Way"

At Glenbard Parent Series/Family Read kickoff event, Carlotta Walls LaNier, author of "A Might Long Way: My Walk to Justice at Little Rock Central High School," gave a first-hand account of her experience as the youngest member of the Little Rock Nine to integrate her segregated high school in 1957.

Shondra Rhodes (left) and Catera Thompson

Glenbard East student Catera Thompson and her mother, Shondra Rhodes:
Catera Thompson said, "It was an honor to listen to Carlotta Walls LaNier's presentation tonight.  What I will take away from her talk is the courage to never give up.  She never gave up when it would have been so much easier to just go home and go back to her old school.  Her ability to go back to high school - day to day and with pride - was awe-inspiring. This was a school that didn't want her and where people wanted her dead.  All she wanted was to get a better education, no matter what. Her integrity and courage are faith strengthening."

Shondra Rhodes said, "As a parent, it was wonderful to hear how Carlotta Walls Lanier's parents fortified her for life. I, too, want to prepare my children to do their best and work hard for their dreams. This was very encouraging and very inspiring."

Charhonda McGavock (left) and
Kiante McGavock
Kiante McGavock, Glenbard East Sophomore and mother Charhonda McGavock:
The Carlotta Walls Lanier event I attended tonight truly was a once in a lifetime experience! Not only did I get the chance to learn more about black history but she also helped to encourage me to become a better and more educated person not only in a classroom but life in general. This truly touched my heart to know that if someone as young as only 14 years old can be able to stand up for her rights, then nobody should be afraid to truly express their feelings and beliefs when it comes to standing up for what is right. She also helped me to realize that neither family or friends can take away your education and all young adults today should use all of that learning to their advantage. This event really showed me how I can take a second look at myself and change my motives not just for myself but for others around me so that I can set a good example for them also. ~ Kiante McGavock

The presentation that I attended tonight was an eye opener, it taught me a lot more about my history as an African American woman. Carlotta Walls LaNier was a phenomenal speaker. Sometimes you hear the same that if it didn't come from the horses mouth then you cannot expect it to be true. Well I can definitely say that Carlotta is that horse because she spoke so well of her incident at Little Rock Central High School.   I would like to thank her as well as the Glenbard East staff for allowing her to actually give this presentation about history. She brought a lot of knowledge not only to students, but to parents of those students as well.  As a Glenbard East parent, I would actually like to be able to see her again as well as many other presenters regarding our African American history. ~ Charhonda McGavock.

Aisha Fitzgerald and Gerald Triplett

Hannah Ivy (Glenbard North) and sibling
"Try harder and don't give up."
Jamia Miller GE Junior and
mother, Shondra Rhodes Williams...
"It was the best experience!"

Catera Thompson GE Junior and
mother, Kimberly Lewis:
"It was very