Thursday, August 20, 2015

GPS Speaker John Underwood Shares Insights Re: Athletes Maintaining Healthy Lifestyle

Glenbard coaches, athletes and their parents welcomed GPS Speaker John Underwood and his important message for both athletes and non-athletes.  John Underwood,  a nationally respected speaker, shared his "Life of an Athlete" program to help  athletes reach their full potential. The program provided information on achieving peak performance through nutrition, sleep and avoiding drugs and alcohol. 

Underwood referred to "Life of an Athlete" Manuals at his presentation, these references and his website can be found here:

Glenbard South parent Kim Woods 
with John Underwood
At  parent and student athlete meetings/Glenbard Parent Series program on August 18, at Glenbard South and Glenbard East, international sports consultant John Underwood shared the science behind living a healthy lifestyle, including avoiding alcohol and drugs.

Glenbard South parent Kim Woods found the presentation to be very informative. "I was especially surprised to learn how detrimental marijuana is to a teen's developing brain - affecting long-term memory, reaction time and general health. The information on blue light/ technology use before bedtime delaying the ability to fall asleep was also very interesting."

Chad Hetlet, Glenbard West
Head Football Coach

The parent and student athlete meetings continued on August 19 at Glenbard North and Glenbard West. Chad Hetlet, Glenbard West Head Football Coach found great information shared at Underwood's "Life of an Athlete" morning workshop for coaches.  "What struck me was not only the importance of sleep, but the need for the body to repair itself during sleep. It was also very useful to hear that the optimal time of day to train is between 7-11 am and that the body will be able to reach its peak performance 35-50 minutes into that practice."

Coach Hetlet also stated "Another take-away for me, was that a few hours a careless partying, can wash away weeks of athletic training."