Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Katie Hurley speaks on raising happy, healthy happy kids

Glenbard Parent Series hosted psychotherapist Katie Hurley for talks based on her books “The Happy Kid Handbook: Joyful Teens in Stressful Times “and “No More Mean Girls: The Secret to Raising Strong, Confident, and Compassionate Girls” on Wednesday, March 13.

Katie Hurley on left with Rachel Reichert
Hammerschmidt School parent Rachel Reichert shared this takeaway:

Ms Hurley discussed the challenges our children and teens face day to day, including an out of control emphasis on performance, over-scheduled days, insufficient free play, and not enough sleep— leading to stressed out and anxious kids and parents and an alarming downward trend in empathy.  Key in combating stress and anxiety: increase quality time with family, teach kids to “flip it” by reframing their thoughts with a focus on the positive, resist the urge as parents to be “fixers,”  teach relaxation skills, model kindness, praise their effort not a specific grades, normalize failure, and do share your own mistakes  Her message was all about helping kids build skills, not resumes.


YouTube Video of Katie Hurley's Raising Joyful Children in Stressful times (GPS 3/13/19) HERE

Presentation Slides from Katie Hurley’s Raising Joyful Children in Stressful times (GPS 3/13/19) HERE

Katie Hurley's web site HERE