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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Drew Dudley speaks to parents and students during Glenbard's Live Life Well Week

On Feb 22 and 23 Drew Dudley addressed students at all Glenbard high schools as part of Live Life Well Week.

Drew Dudley spoke to students as part of Live Life Well Week.

On Feb. 22, the Glenbard Parent Series hosted Dudley in a program at the College of DuPage entitled Everyday Leadership: Celebrating he Simple Actions That Improve Each Others Lives.

Glenbard South parent Ann Marie Andexler shared this takeaway:

Drew Dudley with Glenbard South
parent Ann Marie Andexler
"If we hope to matter, lead and make a difference we need to plan for it.  Know why you matter. Know and define your core values and create opportunities to live them. Once established youth can use these core values to help them in their decision making. Work hard to make your grades extraordinary and then work twice as hard to make them the least impressive thing about you. "

Drew Dudley shares his slides from his leadership presentation to parents:

Creating Cultures of Leadership Slides  

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Robert Crown Center for Health presents Raising Healthy Teens: Sex Ed on February 16 2017

The Glenbard Parent Series: (GPS) Navigating Healthy Families presented Raising Healthy Teens in the Digital Age: Get the Conversation Started with the Robert Crown Center for Health Education on Thursday, February 16th, at the Marquardt Administration Center. Becky McFarland Community Initiatives Coordinator for the DuPage County Health Department shared this take-away:

Becky McFarland
Community Initiatives Coordinator

Parents should have ongoing discussions with their kids so that when they need to make their own decisions they have a solid foundation to make the healthy choice. Keep your sense of humor and use the media and real life situations as a way to begin these challenging conversations. Be clear about your values and talk facts rather than beliefs. Teens needs accurate information to help protect them from the pressures that are real. Be open to their questions so you can be an askable adult!

Resource Links (click)

Notes: Raising Healthy Teens in a Digital Age: Sexual Health Workshop for Parents (pdf)

Website for Robert Crown Center for Health Education

Handout: Sex Education in the Digital Age Parent Resources (pdf)