Friday, August 14, 2015

"Pressures of Perfection"
New York Times article quotes GPS speakers

Here is another important, and difficult read on the pressure of perfectionism and campus suicide.  Inside, find quotes from Frank Bruni, author of "Where You Go, Is Not Who You'll Be", one of our favorites from last year . You will also find quotes from Julie Lythcoth-Haims "How to Raise an Adult :Break Free of the Overparenting Trap and Prepare Your Kid for Success"-  sure to become one of our favorite GPS speakers this school year. Join us on Thursday, Oct 8  at noon at Glenbard South.

Monday, August 10, 2015

John Underwood "Life of an Athlete- Pure Performance to Maximize Your Potential"

The Glenbard Parent Series is partnering with the DuPage County Health Dept/Prevention Leadership Team to bring John Underwood "Life of an Athlete- Pure Performance to Maximize Your Potential" to the Glenbard Schools on August 18 and 19.

John Underwood,  a nationally respected speaker, will share his "Life of an Athlete" program to help  athletes reach their full potential. The program will provide information on achieving peak performance through nutrition, sleep and avoiding drugs and alcohol. As a trainer of Olympic athletes and Navy Seals, John Underwood has the expertise and knowledge to help teens reach their goals during their competitive years. John is an internationally recognized human performance expert, specializing in recovery, peaking training and lifestyle impact on mental and physical performance. John will present information on how alcohol and other substances affect the body and brain of adolescents and how adults can have an important impact on the lifestyle choices young people make. Underwood is a dynamic speaker who has traveled the country with this presentation, including working with coaches, parents and teen athletes.

Four Parent and Athlete Sports Orientation meetings are open to all.  Attendance is mandatory for Glenbard student athletes and their parents. No registration is required.

      Tuesday, Aug. 18
6:00 pm – Glenbard East Auditorium, 1014 S. Main St., Lombard IL  45 minutes
7:30 pm – Glenbard South Auditorium, 23W200 Butterfield Rd., Glen Ellyn IL  30 minute

Wednesday, Aug 19
6:00 pm- Glenbard North Auditorium, 990 Kuhn Rd., Carol Stream IL  30 minutes
7:00 pm – Glenbard West Auditorium, 670 Crescent Blvd., Glen Ellyn IL  30 minutes

John Underwood will address Glenbard coaches during the day on Aug 19. The two hour training beginning at 9am or noon at the Marquardt Administration Center in Glendale Heights is open to all area coaches and requires registration.

For more information contact Gilda Ross, Glenbard Student and Community Projects Coordinator at (630) 942-7668 or by email at