Friday, May 4, 2018

Matt Quinn, Rosecrance speaks on Vaping and E-Cigarettes

The Glenbard Parent Series hosted Matt Quinn from Rosecrance Health Network at a presentation on May 1, 2018, Everything You Need to Know About Vaping.

Takeaways from this program

Matt Quinn
"Be wary of the misconception that vaping (today’s lingo for e-cigarettes) is safe. The term vaping and its association with the word vapor tricks us into thinking that the practice must be benign. "It’s just vapor, like the steam of a humidifier, right?” Wrong! Vaping is anything but benign. Vaping is the cigarette industry’s current marketing scheme to introduce tobacco and nicotine to teenagers and young adults. Why else would they design vaping devices that look like a flash drive, can be easily slipped into a pocket and hid from parents/guardians, and hold cartridges and liquid that are flavored like mango, cookies and cream, and mint? The cartridges/liquid DO contain nicotine (and in some cases marijuana) and a host of other toxic chemicals, not to mention an automatic, tissue-damaging immune response in the body of the user. The FDA needs to step up and start regulating vaping, and we need to warn our teens and young adults and be part of the movement against this risky growing trend."

 - Molly Hoerster, Glenbard West parent

"Vaping is likely more harmful than most teens realize. There are still many carcinogenic chemicals contained in the aerosol emitted from a vaping device, even though it isn't smoke. The immune system reacts in a very similar fashion to this aerosol versus smoke, causing damage to healthy lung tissue. Research has also identified damage to brain growth in teens using either nicotine or marijuana vapes. The tobacco companies are again targeting teens with flavoring agents because they know that they need to get them hooked to create lifelong customers."

-  Christine Drake, Glenbard South parent

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