Monday, December 7, 2015

Marc Brackett

December 2: Raising a Happier, Healthier, More Competent and Compassionate Teen

Take Aways and Resources

Yale University's Dr Marc Brackett was a hit at the GPS last week on Emotional Intelligence.  Participants were entertained and inspired by the discussion of his important research. We learned emotions matter for attention, memory, learning in decision-making, judgment  relationship quality (emotions are signals, you either approach or avoid)  physical and mental health  and in everyday effectiveness.  

*Maya Angelou “People forget what you say, people forget what you do, but they will never
        forget how you made them feel.”

*Once you hire someone with negativity, it sabotages the environment = EMOTIONAL

  • Be your best self
  • THINK OF our personal ideals of how you see yourself (supportive, compassionate, caring); do your behaviors align with the self you are. In turn, you choose better strategies
  • THINK OF your reputation (how do you want to be remembered after this incident)
  • THINK OF outcome
  • THINK of the blueprint (from ME to WE) everything happens in relationship, not in isolation; have the courage to deal with problems and confront the person… itís a process, not just 1 meeting 

Dr. Marc Brackett speaking to GPS audience on December 2
From Mireya Vera, Community and Patient Relations Director, Holy Cross Hospital

"What a phenomenal presenter. He not only had a wealth of critical information, his delivery style had the audience engaged and falling off of our seats in laughter.  What a great way to end the evening!  Here is my take away:
 Why do Emotions matter? Dr. Marc Brackett delivered a powerful message on this topic.  I was amazed to hear how much emotional intelligence influences academic performance. Emotional intelligence is as equally important as academic achievement according to his research.  Studies have demonstrated that student performance (test scores, grades, etc.) improves with emotional intelligence clearly emphasizing the positive impact these skills have on students who possess them. The data he shared on students state of mind was mouth dropping!  Emotional intelligence skills are not difficult to learn and adapt to but they must be intentionally taught. Recognizing, Understanding, Labeling, Expressing and Regulation emotions are critical to everyday life that students as well as adults can benefit from. This RULER tool Dr. Brackett recommends can and should be taught at home and at school. Teaching strategies to manage emotions is a skill that is needed throughout life.  I walked away feeling that intentionally using the RULER will provide better outcomes emotionally and academically for our children."  

Comment from parent Julie Bruns 
"Please send my regards to Marc.  I was at the event last night and it was a joy to hear him talk about his research.  I learned a lot and his humor was very endearing.
Thanks for advocating for these great speakers.  It's a pleasure to learn more about being a great parent, in an audience of other great parents who just want to do the best for their kids."


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