Wednesday, October 14, 2015

At the Glenbard Parent Series program with Randy Sprick on Tuesday, Oct 12, Positive Parenting: Mastering Motivation, Attitude and Responsibility Glenbard South parent Janet Wolf shared this take -away:

Dr. Randy Sprick with Glenbard South parent Janet Wolf
"Thank for for sponsoring this presentation with Dr. Sprick.  Some of his points that were especially helpful included the message that it is important to keep the end goal for your children in mind - the traits that you want to see in your child when he /she is an adult.  Then look for opportunities to reinforce these traits.  Specific and descriptive praise can be so meaningful to children (and to adults).  And while there is also a place for the consequences of misbehavior, it is important to give more time and attention to those things that your children do well. Model the behaviors you want your child to develop, and do monitor your teens activities-increase independence gradually.   His comments about how to set limits, especially related to electronics, were also appreciated.  

Thank you again for arranging this speaker!"

Resource information:

Dr. Sprick's handout from this event:  Positive Parenting: Practical Solutions for
Positive Results

Dr. Sprick's website: Safe and Civil Schools