Thursday, May 9, 2019

Dr. Jill Walsh speaks on Teen Social Media

On May 2, Glenbard Parent Series hosted Jill Walsh in a program titled The Good, the Bad and The Confusing: The Teen Social Media Landscape. Glenbard West parent Jack Dugan shared the following takeaway: “Our kids’ so-called addiction to digital technology is similar to our need as teens to connect socially with our peers. To foster mindful technology, work to “scaffold skills” incrementally. Talk about it. Ask three main questions: What works really well for you? What's hard for you? and Where can I be helpful? Have an action plan/fire drill so kids know what to do when the inevitable bad situation arises. Multi-tasking does impact the quality of work. Use technology in small spurts (20 minutes is ideal), as opposed to big chunks, with a maximum of 90 minutes on, followed by 60 minutes off. It's OK to set limits, we need to walk the walk, drop the power struggle and work together for balance.”

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