Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Qasim Rashid speaks on Using the Power of Dialogue to Overcome Racism, Intolerance and Violence

On March 6, the Glenbard Parent Series, in partnership with One Community, hosted author and Glenbard South alum Qasim Rashid in a program titled Talk to Me: Changing the Narrative on Race, Religion and Education.

Qasim Rashid is a writer, practicing attorney, former visiting fellow at Harvard University’s Islamic Studies program, & current Truman National Security Fellow.

He regularly publishes in multiple platform including on TIME, The Independent, and Washington Post. His work has additionally appeared in Politico, NBC, USA Today, The Daily Beast, and National Public Radio, among various other national and international outlets.

He is the former Chairman of the Muslim Writers Guild of America, served as a Volunteer Chaplain for the Virginia State Prison system, and offered pro bono legal assistance to victims of domestic and sexual violence through the Virginia Poverty Law Center.

Qasim is an alum of Glenbard South High School Class of 2000.

Michele Hedden Glen Crest parent
with Qasim Rasid
Glen Crest parent Michelle Heddon shared the following takeaway

"Qasim Rashid's talk was very relevant for where we are as a nation today, we need to be aware and educated on the economic injustice that takes place on a daily basis. He challenged us to be more involved in our local politics, and understand the issues that our leaders are fighting for. He urged us to take action, to listen, to rise above hatred and bigotry, and to vote out people who are not doing what is right for our communities. The discussions start in the home with our children. If we are raising our kids to have more compassion for others, let them see us acting compassionately toward others- no matter their socioeconomic status. We can help make our communities a welcoming, better place to live for all."

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