Monday, June 27, 2016

Michele Borba - "Unselfie" Follow Up and Resources

The response from participants at the Glenbard Parent Series event with Dr Borba last week were some of our strongest ever.
Here is a take- away from parent Shannon Younger of Naperville:

"Dr. Michele Borba was a gifted speaker who provided parents with exactly the information we need to do a better job of teaching our kids about empathy. She explained what empathy is, shared what the research says about how to encourage it, and it made it very clear why it is so critical our kids and our society to learn to be empathetic. I was very grateful that she shared easy, actionable tips on how we can make empathy a focus. She was so riveting that no one moved when she was finished, and no one wanted to leave. Thankfully we have Borba's book, "UnSelfie," to continue guiding us as we raise kids who are focused on being kind and helping others."

"Bring Borba Back" was the consensus of many in attendance. This is the book I am giving this year.


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