Thursday, January 28, 2016

Laurence Steinberg speaks at two GPS events 

on Jan. 26 & 27, 2016

Parent takeaway and Resource Links

Glenbard South parent Eva Schuchardt shared the following takeaway from last night's Glenbard Parent Series event with Laurence Steinberg, author of "The Age of Opportunity: Lessons From the New Science of Adolescence:" "Self-control is the best predictor of success in school and life. To enhance self-control, practice authoritative parenting (provide warmth, be involved, have high expectations and support autonomy). Know that what we do matters. We influence our children much more than their peers or social media.  You can't love your child too much. Attend school functions.  Know their friends. Be the hangout house. Adapt your parenting style to fit your individual child's needs - each child will be different.  Kids need rules and boundaries that are set and consistent. Be clear on the consequences.  Avoid harsh discipline and yelling. Be respectful, always."

Resource Links

Parent Notes from Janury 26, 2016 event

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